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♥ Application ♥
Name: Tammy
Age: 14
Grade: 9
Location: toronto

♥ Favorite ♥
Bands: taking back sunday, brand new, franz ferdinand, hot hot heat, arcade fire, foo fighters, greenday, the bravery, coldplay, u2, yellowcard, daphne loves derby, caesars, the killers, matchbook romance, simple plan, all american rejects, jamison parker & more
Songs: coldplay-the scientist, coldplay-fix you & all the coldplay songs, all the greenday songs, taking back sunday-cute without the 'e', jamison parker-heres everything i've always meant to say
Quotes/One-Liners: 'i loved you more, when i didnt know you loved me'
Type of Music: emo & indie ; ab-solutely LOVE it
Movie: pearl harbour, ladder 49, lords of dogtown, charlie & the chocolate factory, & all them kiddy cartoons :)
TV Show: OC, One Tree Hill, Big Brother 6, Tommy Lee Goes To College, snl, mad tv, simpsons, family guy and etc
Actress: rachael mcadams
Actor: ryan reynolds orlando bloom johnny depp chris evans & totally ALOT MORE lol

♥ Random Questions ♥
Why do you want to join this community? : i love songs, with beautiful lyrics
Would you be active? (don't just say yes to appease people): yes
What are some concerts you've attended? : im sorry to say, that i havent been to any of the concerts that i 'wanted' to go to . atleast im being honest? :)
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