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I hope I did this right ..
♥ Application ♥
Name: Chelsea
Age: Seventeen
Grade: Eleven
Location: Alberta, Canada

♥ Favorite ♥
Bands: Beatles, Be Your Own Pet, Aerosmith, Rise Against, Bright Eyes, Escape the Fate, Tegan and Sarah, Metric, Foo Fighters, Kanye West, Family Force Five, The Stills, Fall Out Boy, Charlotte Sometimes, and I could go on for years.


Songs:  The Calender Hung Itself - Bright Eyes. We're So Beyond This - The Reason feat. Sarah Quin

Quotes/One-Liners: "If opportunity doesn't knock, built a door."
Type of Music: Everything from Oldies to Metal, as long as it has good lyrics.
Movie: Stand By Me.
TV Show: Grey's Anatomy
Actress: Uhhh. None, really. I don't know many actors/actresses by their real names, anyways.
Actor: River Phoenix!

♥ Random Questions ♥
Why do you want to join this community? I love what power some lyrics can have on a person, it gives you a real chance to connect with artists, and I believe music can really change peoples lives. This community was a great idea.
Would you be active? (don't just say yes to appease people) Yes! I actually made an account, just to join.
What are some concerts you've attended? Bright Eyes on Halloween '08, best concert I've been to. Avril Lavigne, Simple Plan with Hedley, Warped tour '07 and '08.
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