Scott (darksky72688) wrote in dress_me_upx3,

got a coupple new cd's

so i just recently got an aerosmith "greatest hits" cd titled o yeah its pretty sweet, lol every morning on my way to shcool i turn it up real loud and sing along, cause im just that kewl but yea its a 30 track cd and i personally like the seccond cd better but there both excellent and i reccomend it for anyone whos into aerosmith

i also got the new avenge sevenfold cd? i dunno appanretlaly ive never heard them but ive heard people say they were good and i saw it sitting on the shelt at target and i have my heart set on getting two new cd's and thats just what i did, i havent listened to it very much yet but so far its been pretty good,

sometimes you just need to pick up a cd and buy it, it adds a little excitement to your life, and if you end up not likeing it...sell it on e-bay for half price (might as well get some of your money back rihgt?)
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